Second Alarm



Want just a little bit more heat, but not so much that your mouth is on fire? Then Second Alarm is the sauce for you. Second Alarm is for the BBQ eater looking for something a little sweet and a little spicy. This is that in-between sauce that you just can’t place your finger on, so you have to eat some more.

All of our sauces are made with quality ingredients, and never any artificial flavors or preservatives. Our sauces use no ingredients that contain high fructose corn syrup and they are certified gluten free. We take pride in providing a product that anyone can enjoy! We never cut our sauce with water or corn syrup, this insures that each bottle is filled with a thick and rich sauce that will go much farther than most other BBQ sauces. All of our sauces come with a net wt. of 20 oz. (Almost a pound an a half!) in each bottle to insure that there is enough sauce to go around!


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